Top 10 Netherlands Online Casinos: 2022s Best Dutch Casino Sites

Top 10 Netherlands Online Casinos: 2022s Best Dutch Casino Sites

Dutch Casinos with No Deposit Bonus. Bonuses and promotions are a great way to get started at a Netherlands gambling website especially if you are a new player. Check the best Dutch casino sites () ⭐ List of Netherlands online casinos They offer top-notch welcome packages, an average of + slots. We explain more about the online gambling laws in the Netherlands and United States Best online casino sites for Dutch players Min deposit € Top 10 Netherlands Online Casinos: 2022s Best Dutch Casino Sites

Top 10 Netherlands Online Casinos: 2022s Best Dutch Casino Sites - was

Online Gambling in the Netherlands

The Netherlands houses one of the continent’s most vibrant and regulated gambling industries. The Netherlands gives its players one of the most diverse markets in Europe, offering a wide range of gambling products from casinos to sports betting, but it was rather late in opening up the online gaming market to its consumers.

Only on the 1st of April , the Netherlands formalised its status as one of the European Union’s biggest online gambling markets with the formal adoption of the Dutch Remote Gambling Act. The market opened on the 2nd of October giving both Dutch based companies and foreign operators a stage to offer their online gaming products.

The gambling industry in the Netherlands 

For decades, the most popular forms of gambling in the Netherlands have been lotteries, sports betting, and land based slot machines. All of these gaming products were regulated under the Betting and Gambling Act of (Wet op de kansspelen) until the new Gaming Act of took into place. Most of the former laws were drafted at a time when the Internet didn’t exist and online gambling wasn’t known yet. The Remote Gambling Act of is the latest gambling law to come into effect. Since the introduction of the first law in there have been new laws and adaptations for specific types of gaming: 

  • The Gaming Act (Wet op de Kansspelen, December 10, ).
  • Games of Chance Decree (Kansspelenbesluit, December 1, ).
  • Slot Machine Decree (Speelautomatenbesluit , May 23, ).
  • Slot Machine Regulation (Speelautomatenregeling , May 25, )
  • Decree recruitment advertising and addiction prevention (Besluit werving, Reclame en Verslavingspreventie kansspelen, May 7, (DRAAP).
  • Decree recruitment advertising and addiction prevention (Regeling werving, reclame en verslavingspreventie kansspelen, June 24, ) (RRAAP).
  • Dutch Remote Gambling Act (RGA, Kansspelautoriteit, April 1, ).

The New Remote Gabling Act (April )

On April 1, , the Dutch Remote Gambling Act (RGA) took effect with the Kansspelautoriteit (KSA) as the government’s regulator. With the new Gambling Act in effect, there are three important changes in the rules governing the games of chance. By implementing the new gambling act, the KSA addresses three main challenges:

  1. Regulation of online casinos: all interested operators must first apply for a licence before they can offer games of chance to Dutch players. In their applications for online casino Netherlands, they must demonstrate their commitment to offer responsible gaming and provide a safe and secure platform to their users. On the 29th of September , 10 of the 28 applicants were granted a licence for the Dutch market including four Dutch online casinos and six foreign operators.
  2. Responsible gaming: the Act requires operators to ramp up their efforts to address gambling addictions among high-risk players in the Netherlands. As such, online casinos should only accept players who are at least 18 years of age. Informing players about the risks and provided with intervention when necessary is another task of all regulated operators. In order to prevent high-risk players from gambling all casinos have to integrate a CRUKS-register which is an online register that works like a black list. Players need their social security number (BSN-nummer) when they visit a casino — either online or a land based gaming venue. With this BSN number verification takes place. 
  3. Regulate advertising: one of the main bottlenecks of the legalisation of online gaming in the Netherlands is the internal political division in terms of advertising. While some political parties have turned out to be fierce opponents of gaming related advertising, others see it as one of the main tools to notify players about the existence of legal gaming options. One of the main goals of advertising is that players are informed about the legal offer guided from illegal casinos to licenced operators — also referred to as the “canalisation of players”. There are various limitations for advertisers which include a ban on gambling related advertising between and  

Online casinos with a Dutch licence

Operators with a Duch gambling licence (KSA)
OperatorCountry of originAssortmentDate of launch
Holland CasinoThe NetherlandsOnline casino, live casino, sportsbook
TOTOThe NetherlandsOnline casino, live casino, sportsbook
Fair Play The NetherlandsOnline casino, live casino
BetCityThe NetherlandsOnline casino, live casino, sportsbook
Jack’s CasinoThe NetherlandsOnline casino, live casino, sportsbook
BetUnited KingdomOnline casino, live casino, sportsbook
TombolaUnited KingdomBingo
LiveScoreUnited KingdomTBATBA
GGPokerUnited KingdomPoker
BingoalBelgiumOnline casino, live casino, sportsbook
Batavia CasinoMaltaOnline casino, live casino

Gambling tax (kansspelbelasting)

In the Netherlands, land-based gambling is taxed at 30,1% and this tax applies to the gross gaming revenues from (a) land based games of chance and (b) remote gambling provided by any entity based in the Netherlands. Taxation only applies to prizes above € and are due by operators, exempting players from paying the taxes as laws prohibit taxes to be paid more than once. Players joining Dutch online casinos won&#;t need to pay taxes, but we want to point out that profits made at non-EU casinos, and thus non-licenced casinos, do require the consumer to pay the tax of 30,1%. 

More info? Read our guide on Dutch gambling taxes (Dutch). 

Holland Casino: the most traditional Dutch casino

Holland Casino is the only legal provider of land based casino games in the Netherlands. The first casino opened its doors in Zandvoort in and is part of the Dutch state having the State Secretary for Finance acts as its main shareholder. Fully licenced and regulated in the Netherlands, this typically Dutch casino brand offers an exciting combination of premium games and top-notch entertainment that’s available in all of its 14 locations across the Netherlands. As a fully-regulated casino, Holland Casino adheres to the state requirements in terms of participation in games, responsible gambling, and the protection of the most vulnerable players. On the 2nd of October , Holland Casino launched its online casino giving it a significant advantage over its competitors thanks to the nation wide brand awareness and favourable reputation among Dutch consumers. 

Legal age of gambling

Players who are at least 18 years of age are welcome to enter and play at a casino, both in a brick and mortar venue and online. Land based players and guests should bring valid identification, such a valid passport, after which access is only granted if the player isn’t listed on the CRUKS-register, a blacklist for players who are exempted for gambling and are considered high-risk players. Punters can be included in the register on their own request or at the request of someone else such as a friend, family member or creditor. The same register applies to online visitors signing up to any Duth online casino. 

More about CRUKS? Read everything about the CRUKS-register (Dutch).

Most popular online casino games

The Netherlands is home to a wide range of casino games which ranges from slot machines to table games. Both land based gaming venues and online casinos offer bingo, blackjack, baccarat, and roulette games, but the lotto remains the most popular game of chance among Dutch players. This holds for online casino games as well as we can see below. The following information is based on a market research from that was carried out by Bonamy Finch on behalf of a major casino that targeted the Dutch gaming market:

Most popular online casino games in the Netherlands
Sports betting23%
Live sports betting14%
Scratch cards13%
Slot games12%
Horse racing9%
Other 9%
Data used from Bonamy Finch ()

FAQ Online Gambling in the Netherlands

Is online gambling legal in the Netherlands?

Yes, the Dutch Remote Gambling Act took into effect on the 1st of April , making online gaming legal in the Netherlands. The first regulated online casinos entered the Dutch market on the 2nd of October  

Are online casinos in the Netherlands licensed?

Yes, online casino Netherlands are licensed by the Kansspelautoriteit (KSA), the governmental body responsible for the regulation of the Dutch gambling market. 

Are foreign online casinos allowed to enter the gaming market in the Netherlands?

Yes, foreign casinos are allowed to enter the Dutch gaming market as long as they obtain a licence from the Kansspelautoriteit (KSA).

Do players pay gambling taxes in the Netherlands?

If a user plays at a licenced Dutch operator, he or she is exempted to pay the gambling tax as this responsibility is shifted to the operator. Dutch players do need to pay the 30,1% gambing tax if they play at a foreign casino that is not located in the European Union (EU).

What are the best online casinos Netherlands?

The best online casinos in The Netherlands are those that offer a wide range of games, great bonuses, feasible bonus terms and outstanding customer support. We consider TOTO, Holland Casino, and Batavia among the best options available for players looking for the best online casino Netherlands.

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Holland online casinos

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History of Gambling in Netherlands

Gambling as such is not something new for Dutch. This is partially the case because Netherlands has always been a country of ports, and huge flows of people from all the neighboring countries passed through the port cities, bringing in their cultural phenomena and traditional entertainments.

The very first documented cases of gambling in Netherlands consider locals participating in one of the first lotteries - Staatslotterij - back in the year Since then, gambling became an essential part of culture in this country, and has never been looked down upon much. In , the very first official land based parlour was opened, owned by the Holland Casino company. Many years have passed, and by now, there are over brick and mortar venues all over the state. Not surprising that the biggest concentration of land based gaming houses is in Amsterdam, the capital of the country.

Now, while offline gambling has gone through a row of regulations, online gambling saw no regulation whatsoever until In , the court decided that online gambling is illegal and no parlour platform, either Dutch or operated from abroad, can provide services to local citizens. International online parlour operators objected, claiming that such a decision violates the EU laws, but the situation did not change for many years.

Then suddenly in , the government changed its approach and allowed Dutch online casinos to apply for licenses. However, it all went not as it was planned. Firstly, the act came into power only in , and by that date, the majority of passionate gamblers simply violated the law. Secondly, the government granted monopoly to local operator, who, considering lack of competition, fails to develop a decent level of user experience. And thirdly, private operators of NL online casinos are required to acquire local licenses, but are not allowed to offer their service to local residents.

The bad news is that it all takes more time than everybody expected, and the corresponding laws prepared in the previous years (in other words, years ago) were only accepted not earlier than However, it looks like the legislation will be changed one more time, due to certain European Union rules that casinos online NL still fail to meet.

Current Situation on Gambling in the Netherlands

Considering all the turmoil with the laws about online gambling Netherlands, and the fact that many platforms and players simply ignored the existing laws, it comes with little surprise that the government decided to take the situation under control. However, besides actually Dutch government, there is European Union with its market rules, and according to these rules, the country has to provide freedom in the niche for other operators to compete.

All the previous years, legal monopoly was in the hands of state owned Holland Casino, and in the recent years, online Holland casino was the only operator legitimate for offering Holland casino online roulette, Holland casino online slots, and Holland casino online poker to local gamblers. Private operators were legally banned from accepting local players, and the government even asked the banks to stop processing transactions to and from local online parlour operators, but the banks simply refused. But casino Holland online was the most massive power in the niche.

At the time, the market is changing, the the basis for new legislation is prepared. Instead of banning access to private platforms and platforms operated from abroad, the state decided to allow both private and foreign operators in the niche - like best online casino in Austria - therefore limiting the monopolists.

Besides Holland Casino, the sports sector was held by two other companies - De Lotto that managed all sports bookings except horse racing, and Scientific Games Racing B.V. specifically for horse racing. Yet, as the market changes, the Dutch citizens can expect seeing new operators that would probably offer more advantageous conditions. We all know that those state-owned monopolist companies always fail to provide competitive user experience, exactly because there is no competition for them. And this is one of the reasons why almost in any country where gambling is held by a state owned monopolist, the bettors still seek for privately owned sites or foreign operators like Belgium online gambling platforms.

Laws for Gambling in Netherlands

According to the legal sources, the Dutch legislation takes to all gambling a “prohibited unless licensed” approach. Gambling is regulated by the main act, which is Betting and Gaming Act This act talks mostly about games of chance.

Besides banning unlicensed games of chance, the Act prohibits promotion and also participation in the games of chance when knowing they are unlicensed. Those games that do not fall under the definition of game of chance under this act are not subject to the law.

Another set of laws is provided by a recent act, the Remote Gambling Act (which is still not in force yet). It takes a modern approach to gambling, amends the previous Acts (of years and also an older one, of ). The new Act takes into account the possibilities of the Internet, online banking, risks, and other aspects. It includes secondary legislation on:

  • Games of Chance Decree
  • Slot Machine Decree
  • Slot Machine Regulation
  • Decree on Games of Chance: Recruitment, Advertising and Addiction
  • Regulation on Games of Chance: Recruitment, Advertising and Addiction

Interestingly, the majority of games that are usually qualified as games of skill are not such according to the Dutch legislation.

Regulatory Authorities in the Netherlands

There are generally only two agencies that work with licensing in the Netherlands currently - Holland Casino and Staatsloterij BV. However, keeping in mind that comprehensive changes to the niche are expected, perhaps more / more differentiated regulatory agencies will come into play.

Taxation Laws on Gambling in the Netherlands

All land based gaming houses are currently obliged to pay 29% on total revenue. Following this scheme, all online casinos NL, both local and by foreign owners, will be expected to pay 20% on their total revenue. This suggestion actually causes a stir in the market, because brick and mortar facilities feel they are discriminated by bigger tax.

Now, players are not expected to pay tax on winnings if their winning is less than EUR. Another condition that allows the bettor to avoid tax is spending on game more than they eventually win. If one or both of these conditions are not met, the winner has to pay 29% on their win, and the money are taken at the source.

The local lotteries pay winnings net, and taxes on all winnings are withheld before paying out prize to the bettors.

Punters reaching out to foreign platforms based abroad - for example, UK online casino sites, or Swiss online casinos - are expected to show their winnings and pay the same percent of tax on the same conditions - at least following the EUR condition.

It is not yet clear whether these rules will still be in force when new legislation is accepted and foreign operators will transform the Dutch gambling market.

Land Based Casinos in Netherlands

As for today, there are more than brick and mortar venues in the Netherlands, plus more than 60 licensed Bingo halls, among other facilities. Overall, there is no limitation in offline gaming, and every person of proper age can take part in betting on games of chance, game of skill, sports, or lottery. Just to make a bigger picture, around restaurants have poker rooms or similar facilities.

However, some places are still better than others. If you are into offline gambling, instead of casino NL online, maybe you would want to visit one of those to enjoy the festive atmosphere and the services.

Phone number:

+31 (0) 82 06


Weena, Rotterdam



This is a truly luxurious place that has more than table games, over gaming machines, and eight poker tables. There is a restaurant, a hotel, a poker room, and a bar. Different events are held there on a regular basis, but please mind the official dress code rules accepted by the facility. In case your clothes does not match the dress code, you may be asked to leave.

Holland Casino Amsterdam West

Phone number:


61 La Guardiaweg, Amsterdam



This facility was opened in , and currently they offer only gaming machines, but we can expect a wider assortment of casino entertainments in the nearest future. In addition to games, there are two hotels and a restaurant. This venue is more of a multi-entertainment rather than casino-focused only, but overall, it promises comfortable conditions and loads of fun. Dress code applies (this is probably the case with all Holland brand parlours).

Holland Casino Scheveningen

Phone number:

+31 (0) 77 77


1 Kurhausweg, Den Haag



This beautiful and impressive facility offers over tables games, more than gaming machines, and 12 poker tables in the separate poker room. There is a hotel and a restaurant. Besides, you can enjoy several bars, or take part in entertainment at special areas for events.

Banking Options for Gambling in Netherlands

Netherlands is lucky to be a European Union country, which generally means that residents have access to a ton of different payment methods, and the most secure ones as well. As it has already been said, the government of Netherlands offered local banks to limit or ban payment processing to and from online parlours, but this was not a legal restriction, so the majority of banks simply refused.

Other online payment methods can only be limited by other country’s laws, or by the laws of the operator themselves. Overall, the Dutch citizens can take advantage of the following payment options:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Maestro
  • American Express
  • iDEAL
  • AcceptGiro
  • Stripe
  • PayPal
  • Sofort
  • SEPA
  • Optimal Payments
  • Skrill
  • YourPay
  • HiPay
  • Mollie
  • BlueSnap
  • Heidelpay
  • QHWR/BillriantPay
  • Klarna
  • G2A Pay
  • Prepay

Before making any payments, especially to a new parlour site, check out what deposit and withdrawal options do they offer, and whether the conditions offered are advantageous for the user. If the parlour accepts deposits via the fastest method possible, leaving cashout to slow methods, this is not a good scenario.

Another potentially advantageous option is paying with cryptocurrencies - Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether, Dogecoin - but few Europe-oriented parlours take them due to lack of proper regulation. Yet, if you can take this option, crypto money systems support instant transactions and transparent payment processing.

Popular Cities in Netherlands for Gambling

Overall, there are cities in Netherlands having at least one brick and mortar gambling house. To get a better picture of the situation, check out the most popular cities that host the biggest number of offline facilities:

  • Amsterdam - 14
  • Alkmaar - 3
  • Almere - 3
  • Apeldoorn - 3
  • Den Bosch - 3
  • Den Haag - 6
  • Eindhoven - 5
  • Groningen - 5
  • Haarlem - 3
  • Heerlen - 3
  • Ijmujden - 3
  • Nijmegen - 3
  • Roermond - 4
  • Rotterdam - 9
  • Utrecht - 5
  • Valkenburg - 5
  • Zaandam - 3
  • Zandvoort - 3

As it becomes obvious, citizens and tourists will have no problem finding a gambling house to have fun at a gaming table. The situation is easier and more comprehensive that this with Internet parlours, and offline punting is % legal in licensed facilities. So drop in if you are near, and give it a try!

Facts About the Netherlands

Netherlands is an intriguing country already mainly due to its loose approach to drugs and prostitution. However, there is a bunch of other cool facts to know:

  • 50% of the country land is below the sea level
  • the port of Rotterdam is the largest in Europe
  • Dutch were the first in the world to legalize same-sex marriage
  • the country is famous for its cheese
  • every month is a rainy one
  • the Dutch are the tallest men in the world
  • the country is the leading Tulip exporter, globally
  • it is the world’s second biggest exporter of beer
  • cycling while drunk is totally illegal
  • around 20% of babies are born at home
  • orange is the national color of Dutch
  • DVDs originated from Netherlands
  • the Dutch are the most active consumers of Licorice in the world
  • over a thousand of traditional windmills still operate all around the country
  • there is the only clinic in Europe, located in Amsterdam, that provides focused treatment of gambling and video games addiction
  • almost half of the country works part-time
  • the country has no stray dogs in their city streets
  • the Dutch were the first to develop an artificial heart
  • the Dutch were among the first in the world to adopt wildlife crossings for thw animals to cross the roads safely
  • there is a fake village in the country created and designed for people with Dementia diagnosis

Netherlands is a country full of technically and environmentally advanced approaches, and besides online and offline parlours, there is a lot to see and to learn from the Dutch.


Offline gambling is definitely yes. As for Internet gambling, legal changes are on their way to make the market freer and more available to the customers.

Currently, only Internet platforms operated by Holland Casino monopolist are legal for locals.

It is, but please make sure you are betting at a governmentally-licensed platform.

Yes, they do, and plenty of bonuses! Check out the best sites we have listed above, to see what promotions you can claim.

As for today, local sites are not allowed to provide content and support in Dutch, and the majority of foreign platforms - like best online casino Denmark - are mostly English-speaking.

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Most Popular Dutch Online Gambling Games for Real Money

By having online gambling Netherlands be fully legalised, local players can now extend their betting preferences to the online realms. Each venue is ready Top 10 Netherlands Online Casinos: 2022s Best Dutch Casino Sites attract you with a satisfactory range of games, from online slots NL to various table games. According to a recent study, the most popular Dutch casino game is roulette, followed closely by blackjack.

More than 65% of all gambling fans disclosed these gambling products as their favourite. We are happy to report that each casino will be able to excite you with some of the hottest and most exciting table games you can find in the realm of online gambling in the Netherlands. Below, Top 10 Netherlands Online Casinos: 2022s Best Dutch Casino Sites, we have outlined the best Dutch casino games for real money and their respective RTP in a categorised manner:

  1. Slots – 95 &#; 99%
  2. Roulette – &#; %
  3. Blackjack – &#; %
  1. Baccarat – ~ 99%
  2. Craps – 99% BetNSpin Casino 20 Free Spins – &#; %

Best Gambling Bonuses in the Netherlands

One aspect where online Dutch gambling sites fare better than their real-life counterparts is the prospect to receive bonuses and other various perks. It&#;s natural for us to want to be pampered and encouraged for our loyalty, and that&#;s the casinos&#; answer. As the Dutch online industry is barely getting off its feet, the venues are just starting to catch up with what the rest of the world has been doing for quite some time.

Nevertheless, out of our recommended venues, most are already managing to impress with their offers. Each operator has its own strategy for what welcome bonus and ongoing promotions to offer and for which gambling product. If a Netherlands online gambling site wants to establish itself a name as a premier sports betting destination, it&#;s natural to make its sports offers more appealing. Also, some venues bring the gambling experience to a new level by offering a VIP programme. Up next, we have highlighted some of the more attractive promotions with their respective terms:

Gambling TypeBest Bonus OfferBonus TermsBonus Offered By:
Sports BettingRegister & Get €20 Free BetNew Customers Only. Receive €20 Free Bet with a minimum deposit of €Bet Sport
Online Casino% up to €New Customers Only. Deposit up to € and receive a % match of it.BetCity Casino
Online Poker% up to € New player bonusNew Customers Only. The € bonus is released in parts based on Bonus Points earned.Bet Poker
Online Lotto€ MillionThe Lotter

#Advertentie Wat kost gokken jou? Stop op tijd. 18+ 18+ Min. deposit € Bonus validity 30 days. T&#;Cs apply


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