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What Are The Signs Of Gambling Addiction? 


Gambling addiction can often be hard to detect and vary in severity. Mild to moderate cases may exhibit five or six of the behaviors listed below while someone with a severe addiction will likely exhibit all nine. Gambling disorder can affect your physical health, mental health, and social functioning, and lead to the loss of important relationships with friends and loved ones. You may also suffer a decline in work or school performance, and feel more restless and bored with all other areas of life that don’t involve gambling.  Please read through the list and see if you, or a loved one, identifies with any or all of these behaviors.


  • You feel compelled to keep gambling until you’ve spent your last dollar. You may keep bidding until you’ve spent everything to win your money back, or you continue increasing bet amounts.
  • You hide your gambling from friends or family members. You may sneak off to gamble without telling anyone, Contact Us | Contact, or lie about your gambling activities.
  • You spend money you don’t have on gambling. You may use money intended for important bills like rent, mortgage, car payments, credit card bills, and other expenses for gambling.
  • You steal 21 Dukes Casino $70 Free Chip others or sell your possessions so you can gamble. You may steal money or belongings from others so you can gamble, or sell or pawn valuable possessions like musical instruments and vehicles to obtain more gambling money.
  • You prioritize gambling over obligations related to work, school, Contact Us | Contact You Contact Us | Contact stop going to work or school so you can gamble, or stop buying household necessities so you can use the money for gambling instead.
  • You’re experiencing financial hardships due to gambling. You may have lost your home, car, job, and important personal possessions due to gambling.
  • You’re facing a range of negative emotions triggered by gambling. Gambling may Contact Us | Contact a serious problem in your life if it’s triggering depression, anxiety, frustration, agitation, and remorse.
  • You want to stop gambling but can’t. You have tried to stop gambling but can’t seem to stop despite your desire to do better and to stop gambling.

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If you, or someone you know, is struggling with a gambling addiction please seek out a competent mental health professional in your area. They will be able to provide you with the tools and support that is needed to overcome this destructive habit.


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SAN DIEGO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / March 19, /Online United States Casinos [OUSC] is a reviews site launched in They look to find trustworthy online casino platforms that accept US players and American deposit methods. For almost a decade, the OUSC experts have reviewed and analyzed hundreds of gambling sites for players in the USA. The site has shared its findings with players through in-depth and unbiased reviews.

Improvements in technology have made it easier for casino gaming fans to play online. The multiple offers in online gambling platforms allow better opportunities for players to win real money. Finding a reliable and credible online casino can be challenging for beginners. New players want to want to feel safe about depositing their money at a site. OUSC's online casino reviews can help.

OUSC is an excellent review platform with a progressive casino listing system. Sites are reviewed, ranked, Contact Us | Contact, and tiered based on several factors that are important to its readers. They update casino game lovers daily with useful content.

  • The Best Online Casinos

  • Free Spin Offers

  • Bonuses and Promotions

  • Live Dealer Games

  • Jackpots and Tournaments

  • Sites that Accept Bitcoin

  • Latest News and Trends

  • Research Resources and Information

OUSC has an authentic and credible ranking system focused on the American market. They have the most reliable online casino websites listed in their database. You can depend on OUSC because niche experts do the research and provide the ratings on the reviews. As players themselves, the team monitors and confirms the gambling platforms' fairness and trustworthiness.

You can have access to important casino information before signing up at a site. Learn about payment methods, the withdrawal process, payout speeds, casino licensing, bonuses, safety, reliability, and customer service.

The review and ranking approach is simple without any commercial goals. These are some of the factors OUSC considers when rating online casino's quality.

  • Deposit Methods

  • Fast Payouts

  • Player Safety

  • Website Encryption & Security

  • Reliable Software Providers

  • Dependable Customer Service

OUSC even helps casino players win real money each year with their professional casino tips and Contact Us | Contact recommendations. Players searching for legit online casinos offering safe and speedy withdrawals can play confidently at the OUSC recommended websites. Major online publications, like Casino Player Magazine, have also featured them.

Online United States Casinos was the first website to publish the Las Vegas Survey. For years, it has Shazam Casino 45 - 90 Free Spins players find Vegas casinos offering their favorite games. It is a directory to Las Vegas' best games and casinos. Inthey launched a massive hub of online casino slot machine reviews, Contact Us | Contact, and it continues to grow.

Mobile gaming is the trend these days, which is why they have already modified their website design and format to be highly responsive on mobile devices. The platform is also committed to responsible gambling, so users are encouraged to enjoy their gaming experience in a disciplined manner. Check Online United States Casinos for the latest bonuses and newest slot machines or games on top casino platforms!

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Address: A Street, Ste.San Diego, CA / California

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Where to go and what to play in Sin City

By Cliff Spiller


Welcome to Las Vegas, the most fabulous international travel destination. For gamblers, Las Vegas is the full package. It combines a comprehensive gaming experience with charming amenities and brilliant attractions.

The heart of Las Vegas is its casinos, of course. Every venue tries to one-up each other with brand new table games and advantageous new rules for old games. Some cater to high rollers with the biggest max bets in the city, while others welcome bargain players with the best deals in town. With so many choices, a guide to Las Vegas casino games is essential – this article provides just that.


If you’re a high roller or low stakes player, we provide information on the biggest makes and smallest stakes for each game. Whether you prefer to stay on the Las Vegas Strip or wander off the beaten path, we provide tips for finding the best casinos for your gaming needs. Browse the tables on the following pages according to game variants so you’ll know where to find the best casino games in Vegas.


Blackjack is the ultimate favorite casino game for one major reason: players can learn strategies to increase their chances of winning. Las Vegas casinos offer great rules for blackjack, but only if you know where to look.

El Cortez has the best single-deck blackjack game at $5 a hand, while M Resort has the best high roller odds for players willing to plop down $5, a hand. In Table 1 you will find the top blackjack tables in Las Vegas that offer fair rules and great payouts.


Shooting dice is among the most entertaining parts of a casino trip. Craps gives a player wild swings of fortune along with the camaraderie of wagering on the same outcome as most other bettors at the four dealers and a dizzying array of single- roll bets, craps is where the action is secret to success: make the basic bets.

Table 2 shows the best Las Vegas Casino for Craps. Roll the dice for high stakes at the D Las Vegas, Cromwell, or Wynn Las Vegas. Leave the Vegas Strip for low stake games at Joker’s Wild ($1) or Arizona Charlie’s in Boulder ($2). If you prefer the best odds betting, Contact Us | Contact, choose the Cromwell with its x odds.


Roulette is that rare game where a player can relax due to the mesmerizing effect of the ball’s descent on the spinning wheel, but also has the adrenaline rush of 35 to 1 payouts. Roulette players enjoy the game because it requires no great strategy, but provides a wide range of both even-money and high payout wagers.

Play at the Palazzo or the Wynn Las Vegas for high roller roulette at $5, a spin or leave the Vegas Strip for low roller roulette games for $5 a spin at M Resort, Eastside Cannery, and Silver 7’s.


Baccarat is easy to learn and has a low house edge for a game with so little

strategy. It is the most popular game in Asia because players walk the floor to find the baccarat table with the best energy flow (“chi”). Because of its huge popularity in Macau and Singapore, Contact Us | Contact, most Las Vegas casinos have expanded their baccarat sections in the past few years.

Try baccarat for as little as $5 a hand at Boulder Station or Palace Station, or wager for $20, a hand at Encore.


Las Vegas is loved because of the huge variety of games available. The titles below have the best opportunities for high-stakes varieties of the popular Contact Us | Contact games, Contact Us | Contact Besides the big wheel, each of the games below is a “table poker” game – either draw, stud, or hold’em versions of poker adapted for the gaming tables.


Loosely based on the Chinese domino game pai gow, the object is to build two hands with seven cards: a five-card hand and a two-card hand. The trick is each hand pays out the same.

Created by Sam Torosian of the Bell Card Club, pai gow poker is played with a card deck and a joker card. Visit The Venetian for high roller games of $20,


Anyone who played “War” with a deck of cards as Contact Us | Contact kid is familiar with casino war. One of the simplest games in the casino, the house edge derives from a player decision on a tie: surrender and lose half the bet or go to war by doubling the stake.

Aria has the best version of casino war for high rollers. If you prefer $5 bets, try O’Sheas, which is located on the Las Vegas Strip.


Let it Ride is popular because it has simple five-card stud rules and a progressive side bet. It has three player cards and two community cards, along with two decisions on whether to pull back one-third of the bet (fold) or let the bet ride. John Breeding created Let it Ride as a marketing tool for shuffling machines, but its popularity has risen steadily in the 25 years since.

The Mirage and Palazzo each have the best high roller games of Let it Ride, while Bally’s gives players the chance to bet on Let it Ride at $5 a hand.


Popularized in Biloxi casinos like Beau Rivage, Mississippi stud plays like a table game version of Texas hold’em with two hole cards and three community cards. Players make an ante bet to start a hand, then have three decisions to make: the 3rd street, 4th street, and 5th street bets. A pair of sixes or better wins, while the Mississippi stud side bet pays up to toTable 4 shows you the top casinos to play Mississippi stud.


Three card poker is an easy to learn but entertaining game invented by the UK’s Derek Webb in The ante bet pits the player versus the dealer, while a pair plus side bet provides to-1 payouts based on a paytable like slots or video poker would.

Aria has the most three card poker tables in the city, while The Mirage has the game for as little as $5 a hand. The casinos in Table 5 have a high stakes version these casinos offer a $1, max bet.


Crazy 4 poker is a table poker game in which the player receives five cards, but builds the best 4-card hand. The game has two main bets, Contact Us | Contact, the ante bet and super bonus bet. There is also an optional “Queens Up” side bet. After a player sees their five cards, he or she decides to fold or raise by making a play bet, which can be 3x the ante bet. The novelty of crazy 4 poker is the 4-card hand, which makes the game unpredictable.

For the biggest stakes of crazy 4 poker, go to Aria Las Vegas. Low rollers can play for $5 a hand at Planet Hollywood.


This guide to the best casino games will enhance your fun in Las Vegas. The Vegas Strip packs a world full of games into one destination, but it can be confusing. Visitors who come prepared with information on where to gamble leave town with great experiences. On your next trip to Las Vegas, use this guide to find the best casino games with great odds, fair rules, Contact Us | Contact, and awesome payouts.


Cliff Spiller is a researcher and writer for He has been writing about the casino industry for over 15 years. He likes to learn and teach, which is why he keeps his articles relatable and educational so everyone can read them – regardless if you’re a pro or a novice. You can reach Cliff or the OUSC team at:


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Substance Use Therapy

So, you gamble. You like it, it’s fun. You have some winnings under your belt. But maybe your losses have begun to stack up. The type of gambling does not matter. It could be blackjack in Contact Us | Contact casino, lottery tickets, Pai Gow, online gaming, the stock market, sports betting, or shooting dice in your driveway.

It seems there are endless ways to gamble and according to The American Gaming Association (AGA), the gambling industry in the US is worth $ billion. Only two US states do not permit gambling of any kind, Utah, Contact Us | Contact, and Hawaii.

So, with all these gambling options, and an increasing amount of legal gambling options, how are we to know when our gambling has become problematic?

Risk level and gambling

Just because someone gambles does not mean their behavior is problematic. People gamble to socialize, for the excitement of possibly winning, or simply because they enjoy it. And when people keep their gambling low risk, it is easier to continue to enjoy it.

Low-risk gambling:

· Do not use gambling as an emotional escape

· Avoid trying to “win back” losses, but rather accept losses as a part of gambling

· Engage in enjoyable Contact Us | Contact other than gambling

· Have limits on the time and money spent on gambling

· Avoid gambling when impaired by drugs and alcohol

· Don’t use gambling to earn income/pay debt

· Never borrow, or use investments/savings to gamble; only gamble what you can afford to lose

· Your gambling does not negatively impact your job, health, finances, or your family

Conversely, many people in engage in high risk or harmful gambling. However, like substance use, gambling also occurs on a continuum. It is possible to have some traits of both a low and high-risk gambler. It is also not necessary to meet the full criteria for Gambling Disorder for your gambling to be having a negative impact on your life.

High risk, or harmful, gambling:

· Often experience depression or anger after gambling

· Lie and/or have conflicts with friends/family about gambling

· Chase your losses

· Lose track of time and play for longer than you intended to; ignore other responsibilities

· Spend more money that you meant, or that you can afford

· Believe that in the end, gambling will pay off

· See gambling as the most important thing in your life

Problem Gambling

Once gambling has become a problem, it can often impact numerous areas of our lives and negatively influence our wellbeing. Gambling can affect us financially, emotionally, behaviorally, and even physically. For some people, gambling problems gradually emerge over many years, for others they develop suddenly. Not everyone will be impacted in the same way, but below are some common ways people are affected by problem gambling.

Financial signs of problem gambling:

· Vacillates between flashing money and being broke

· Cashing in retirement accounts and investments

· Asks for salary advances, secures loans or borrows money

· Stealing to maintain Slots Capital Casino $99 Free Chip signs of problem gambling:

· Has conflicts with others about money

· Misses family/social/professional events

· Stops engaging in other Contact Us | Contact that were once enjoyable

· Changes to sleep, eating, and/or sex

· Ignores self-care and responsibilities to others (including children)

· Increase in substance use

· Less willing to spend money on things other than gambling, even necessities

Emotional signs of problem gambling:

· Depression or suicidal ideation

· Mood swings, often accompanied by anger

· Distant, difficulty paying attention

· Experiences feelings of boredom and restlessness

· Disconnected from friends and family

Stress related health problems:

· Change in eating (loss of appetite or overeating)

· Headaches

· Problem sleeping

· Stomach and bowel problems

· Increase in anxiety

Help for gambling

If you decide you want support for your gambling, help is available. Whether you want to explore your gambling, reduce your risk and harm or work toward stopping, counseling at Substance Use Therapy is here for you. Whatever you are facing, you don’t have to face it alone.

If counseling is not the right for you currently, other resources are available.

· National Problem Gambling Helpline: or

· Gambler’s


Apps designed to block online gaming




About the Author:

Kimberly May, LPC-S, LMFT is a therapist at Substance Use Therapy in Austin, TX. Kimberly works with individuals, couples and families whose lives have been affected by substance use. By utilizing a harm reduction framework, Kimberly works effectively with people in any stage of use. In addition to substance use, she works with other issues such as anger, burn-out, anxiety and grief. Contact today to schedule a no-charge, 30 minute, in-person consultation. *Note: telephone and telehealth sessions are currently available.

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Puzzle & Casino Games Are the Most Played by American Mobile Users

News release by

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facebook iconlinkedin icontwitter iconpinterest iconemail icon San Diego, CA

Did you know that gambling can have a positive impact on society? It can make a positive impact on your wallet, it can help you kill some time, and it can definitely help Contact Us | Contact boost your brainpower. However, it can also contribute to your gambling experience in the long run. Want to know a bit more about it? Here are all the reasons why you might want to play casino games online, as Big Dollar Casino 250% Match as enjoy safe gambling while contributing to society.

Why do people gamble in the first place?

There are loads of different and positive effects that gambling can have on both men and women, as well as older and younger generations. This is a form of psychotherapeutic remedy that allows you to relax from your everyday life and escape from your reality for a little while. You won’t have to think about your everyday life and activities as much, and you get to relieve yourself from work and any job-related stress.

In some smaller and more intimate gatherings, such as with your friends or family, gambling can be a fun bonding activity. You could also gamble with your co-workers and build better relations, as well as understand someone else’s mindset.

Everything can have its own positive points as long as you’re doing it the right and moderate way.

Top 6 reasons why you might enjoy online gambling a bit more

  1. Because of taxes

Did you know that most US casinos will make you pay taxes, and players who end up winning big money have to fulfill their obligations?! This rule is different from one state to the other. However, all gambling houses have to pay a unified corporate income tax. In some states such as Nevada, casinos pay an additional %.

Gamblers have to give up 25% of their money, and who would want to give up that sum?

If you wish to enjoy casino games as well as all of your money, think about going for an online casino! There are loads of different types of non Gamstop casinos which you will love, just click here and explore your options!

  1. Loads of different costs

Gambling online and at the comfort of your home is a lot cheaper Contact Us | Contact gambling in casinos. On the other hand, the economy will make a profit while not making you leave the house, so it is a win-win situation for everyone.

In most cases, you will have to pay for:

  • Your trip and your hotel
  • Car rental or gas
  • Nice meals, snacks
  • Gamble games and coins
  • Tickets
  • Drinks

You can save a lot of your money and gamble safely from home. In fact, you are not as limited when playing online and your budget is far more flexible.

  1. Safer for all of us, at the moment

Coronavirus has taken over the world and it has been making huge impacts on our society. If you are well-aware of your surroundings and your closest ones, you will not be going out and gambling for hours, that’s for sure.

Now, staying at home and playing online games or roulettes can save lives. In the long-run, this move may be the smartest one an individual can make.

Stay indoors and play safe, and still make a profit! Think about your elders, as well as yourself.

  1. You will enjoy the variety

Now let’s talk about variety. Online casinos have way more to offer, especially some newer kinds on the market. If you are someone who is quite picky, this will mean a lot to you. Hundreds of games will make you happy and cheerful, as well as excited about playing something new that can’t be offered in some places. If you end up staying at home and playing games online you will also avoid that awful feeling of not having a seat at the right exact time, and not being able to play your favorite game the minute you want, Contact Us | Contact Browse through some of the best and most-recommended casinos that we’ve previously mentioned, all of them have over hundreds of games that you can play and enjoy.

  1. Amazing promotions

Offline casinos will have way more promotions than real casinos. You will have a lot more fun when playing games online because of:

  • Deposit bonus – some casinos will offer you a % match bonus up to $1,
  • Reload bonus – this means that you get the same as your deposit bonus, but only for already existing customers
  • Free cash – these are not that overwhelming, but they are great for beginners and newbies who are just starting to gamble
  • Cashback – no actual casino can offer you cash backs, just make sure to play some games & earn points to exchange them for real money

Do your research, always, before you commit to one casino in particular.

  1. Way more relaxed when playing + better brain efficiency

Last, but definitely not least, make sure that you enjoy your gaming experience and always learn something from it. Poker and slot games will require a lot of attention and focus, which means that you have to be prepared before you begin your gambling or gaming experience.

However, all of us are way more focused when left alone, than when found in a crowd, right?

Try to keep your mind positive and your thoughts occupied when playing your favorite games. Constant errors and trials will lead to you understanding the system and the game in itself way better, which will lead to better brain efficiency.

Ready to play your online casino games?

Ready to play some amazing and highly interactive games? What casino game is your typical go-to? Let us know if you find online gambling way more fun, easy, as well as practical to do. Since now you know some of its pros in regard to society, would you be willing to give it a go? You will enjoy playing roulettes or card games, and it is way better to make this switch at the right moment, trust us!

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